Anger as with many other feelings is a pretty normal emotion to have. However, some individuals suffer from chronic anger. For such people, temper spirals out of control causing them to overreact to situations and end up doing hurtful things that they regret afterwards. Victims of chronic anger often have serious problems with maintaining healthy relationships. Chronic anger also largely impacts negatively on the state of one’s mind. In fact, rarely are such victims in a peaceful state. Luckily, there are techniques that these individuals can use to manage their anger. It is imperative to always seek help if one knows that he has issues managing his anger. This will help improve relationships with friends and family. Highlighted below are a few anger management techniques.

One anger control technique is keeping an anger diary. The diary helps a great deal when it comes to comprehending emotions. By getting to understand their feelings, victims of chronic anger are in a better position to deal with their anger issues. Research has shown that children who jot down the negative feelings they get every time, improve their emotional understanding more rapidly than those who do not keep anger diaries. Writing down how they feel equates to behaving or reacting in a less aggressive manner to the person or something that has triggered the anger feelings. For children, how they deal with emotions has an immense effect on their social life. For instance, if there is a child who is known to be too aggressive, other children will shun being around him at all costs. Keeping an anger diary works for adults suffering from chronic anger as well. 

Undergoing cognitive behavioral therapy also helps a patient of chronic anger. More often than not, victims of chronic anger do not realize that they need help with anger management Perth CBD. They only realize that they have issues with anger control and management when people begin to avoid their company. Such individuals can learn how to control their anger by taking up therapy. During this treatment, the victims are encouraged to open up about how they feel. They also get to talk about how these feelings drive them to do unpleasant things they do not want and which they are remorseful about later. Through cognitive behavioral therapy, one can see positive outcome in his behavior.

There are other techniques ideal for managing short term anger. First off, an individual should try and take a break when he realizes that he is angry. This helps to avoid taking harmful actions against those who have triggered the wrath. Getting away also makes it easier to calm down and think of a wise responsive action rather than aggression. Taking a deep breath can also help. The only way to control the heart’s breathing rate when one is in a hot temper is by breathing deeply. Count from one to three whilst breathing in and out slowly. As the victim inhales and exhales, he should try and avoid thinking about whatever upset him in the first place. Instead, he should concentrate on the counting. Eventually, he will be able to shun turning violent because of being angry.