If you are considering mounting the tow bar in your car, there are a few things to consider. First, you must decide which type of tow bar to mount. There are three main types of bars on the market.

Flange – This type has a tow ball bolted to the tow bar and the tow bar always looks fixed. Flange types are usually the cheapest.

Gooseneck – This type of tow bar is always visible, but this type is better than the flange bar because the tow bar is built into the neck of the towbars in Sydney that goes under the car.

There are several types of detachable and detachable tow bars, but they all share the same features that can be removed when not in use. Many high-end car owners opt for this type of tow bar, as it helps maintain the aesthetic design of the car, but they can add the function of the tow bar when needed.

Tow bar adjustment options

After deciding which type of tow bar best suits your needs, we recommend that you mount the tow bar in your car. All tow bars require an electrical kit. The newer the vehicle, the higher the cost of repairing electrical damage to the car. If it makes a real mess, insurance companies can use your vehicle. If you are not familiar with automatic electrical devices, we recommend that you provide a tow bar accessory that fits the bar. Costs depend on many factors, including:

  • Make a car and make a model.
  • Mounted tow bar type.

Selected publishing options.

Before purchasing a tow bar, it is recommended to speak to a qualified tow bar user. We can advise not only on electric vehicles but also on the types and types of towbars that best suit your needs.

Electric traction

Choose the type of electricity you need. There are three types of electricity to choose from. 7-pin electricity (single electricity), 12n / 12s electricity (dual electricity) or 13-pin electricity. The type of electrical device you need mainly depends on the characteristics of the object you are towing, and different electrical kits are required for caravans and bicycle carriers. It is then confused with including the bypass relay in the equation. The message ‘Need relay bypass?’ Appears. And what are you doing?’ A bunch of. In general, if your vehicle was manufactured after 2004/2005, you will need a bypass relay. The shunt relay is a light bulb breakdown management system, and when using a universal electrical kit, you need to connect it to the electricity at the rear of the vehicle and divert power from existing circuits, so the Vehicle on your computer may set this as a problem. Show a warning light on the dash indicating that there is a problem. The bypass relay maintains this constant current so that the warning light does not appear on the dash unless there is a problem.