The blood manages our body. Our heart pumps with the flow of the blood. The flow of blood plays a vital role in the health of our body. If we talk about the pressure of the blood then it has to be in between the normal ranges. We face health issues if the pressure of our blood goes up or down. The symptoms of having the issues of blood pressure of high or low are more or less same. We have to check with the help of the blood pressure monitor. Otherwise, we have to suffer the bad consequences. If you are interested about blood pressure monitor visit

There are many issues that we face if we have blood pressure issues. There is no specified age for blood pressure issue. Anyone can have this issue regardless of the age. The main cause of the blood pressure issue is having a stress in our mind. 

The Issues 

There are many diseases which we face if we have an issue of blood pressure. Following are the main issues that we face if we have been an issue of blood pressure for a long period of time. 

  • Stroke: 

Strokes are the most sensitive and the heart-breaking disease that anyone could face. When we don’t have a proper blood circulation in our body ten our blood starts freezing which results in the form of clots. When the clot of blood is there in the brain then we get the strokes. We can lose our memory, also, we get the paralyse attack due to this. One side of a body get paralysed and we are unable to do the basic thing and chores in our daily life. 

  • Heart Disease: 

The most complicate thing that can be cause by blood pressure is the issues of heart. When out heart is not working properly then there are chances that we get the cardiac arrest. Also, it can cause the main arteries blocked because blood starts getting thick which makes it difficult to reach to the heart arteries. When blood doesn’t get to the arteries, they start blockage and hence people have heart attacks. 

  • Chest Pain: 

The pain of chest is so bad. Sometimes, it is not heart issue basically. It’s just the pain that we observe in the chest. High blood pressure gives pressure to the chest and then it starts causing pain and sometime sit gets bearable that we have to go and see a doctor. 

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